Painting by Arthur Wright

Painting by Arthur Wright

Photo: Dan Lewis

Photo: Dan Lewis


Built on Change was commissioned for a collaborative performance entitled Illuminating Wrigley, with Chicago piano/percussion duo L+M Duo. To celebrate the centennial of Chicago’s famous Wrigley Building, Built on Change draws upon historical headlines, music and movement of the 1920s, with musical arrangements of It Had to Be You (Isham Jones/Gus Kahn) and Clap Yo’ Hands (George/Ira Gershwin), and steps reminiscent of the Charleston, Lindy, Black Bottom and Shimmy.

Illuminating Wrigley marks the beginning of the Wrigley Building's upcoming centennial celebrations. Take a journey through this iconic landmark’s impressive history, as told through works by George Gershwin, William Grant Still, Steve Reich, Marc Mellits, and more - and culminating in the world premiere of Steven Snowden's "Twenty-five Million Candles" as Wrigley becomes illuminated in the background! Live art by Arthur Wright will round out this spectacular celebration of music, art, and architecture in Chicago!

Christal Wagner, choreography, dance, voice, poetry
Alicia Storin,  cello, musical arrangement
Emma Koi, flute, musical arrangement


2017, 2019

In collaboration with Milwaukee Opera Theatre and Quasimondo Physical Theatre, performed at Milwaukee's Tripoli Shrine Center, January 20-29, 2017. 

Christal Wagner, choreography, dance, voice
Alicia Storin,  cello, dance
Emma Koi, flute, dance

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*Guest collaborator


Created in collaboration with filmmaker Josh Halverson for the 2017 Milwaukee Fringe Festival. This piece was premiered as part of Two 2 Duet, a concert of duet collaborations produced, choreographed and danced by Christal Wagner and Gina Laurenzi. 

Christal Wagner, choreography, dance, voice
Alicia Storin, composition, cello
Emma Koi, composition, flute

*Josh Halverson, film

MKE Imparts

Premiered at the Inaugural Milwaukee Fringe Festival in August 2016, "MKE Imparts" uses recordings of Milwaukee's intimate and public spaces, setting a seamless backdrop for live music and dance. Cellist Alicia Storin and flutist Emma Koi are moveable elements in this piece, while dancer/choreographer Christal Wagner weaves in elements of quiet repetition and loud improvisation. A portrait of our city, our home, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Christal Wagner, choreography, soundscape, dance, voice
Alicia Storin, composition, cello, dance
Emma Koi, composition, flute, dance


Jitterbug Suite: A memory

This work was originally commissioned by the Shorewood Senior Resource Center in August 2015. Cadance Collective interviewed 4 seniors of the Shorewood Senior Resource Center on their memories
of the Eagles Ballroom as it existed in the 1940's and 50's. Thank you to SSRC Director Elizabeth Price for her support and help arranging these interviews.

Christal Wagner, dance, voice
Alicia Storin, cello, voice
Emma Koi, flute, voice
Sound Score: Shorewood Senior Resource Centrer patrons arranged by Cadance Collective: Armand Zulli, Evelyn Zulli, Ellyn Dzick, Adrienne Bourchonville

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Presented in collaboration with Danceworks Performance Company for the March, 2015 show "Breathe", Tidal explores the relationship between breath, water, sound and movement.  

*Christal Wagner, direction/choreography
Emma Koi, flute, dance
Alicia Storin, cello
*Dani Kuepper, dance
*Kim Johnson, dance
*Liz Zastrow, dance

*Danceworks Performance Company Member

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Using the actual musical score as a roadmap for choreography, Cadance Collective assigns dance phrase material to each musical phrase in this adaptation of the prelude from J.S. Bach's Cello Suite No. 2 in D minor. 

Alicia Storin, cello
Emma Koi, dance
Christal Wagner, dance



Folk Suite

Presented as part of South Milwaukee's pop-up performance "Drama at the Depot", made possible by the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center and The Battery Factory, Cadance Collective's "Folk Suite" includes musical and choreographic adaptations of three popular folk tunes, "Clemintine", "Wayfaring Stranger" and "I've Been Workin' on the Railroad".

Emma Koi, ukulele, dance, voice
Christal Wagner, dance, voice
Alicia Storin, cello, voice


Created for Danceworks' GET IT OUT THERE concert. The trio uses the folk song Wayfaring Stranger to inspire deep investigation into acceptance of confinement and the goal of reaching a higher place. 

Emma Koi, dance
Alicia Storin, cello
Christal Wagner, choreography,voice


Um, Ok...Now let's move on

Composed and choreographed for Danceworks concert, Intersect. This work features an underlying soundscape of the trio's voices in candid discussion about their deepest desires as artists. In the foreground is an original composition for flute and cello paired with whimsical choreography for two.

Alicia Storin, cello
Emma Koi, flute, dance
Christal Wagner, dance, soundscape
Melissa Anderson (guest), dance

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Review article - Jounal Sentinal
Review article - Express Milwaukee



In Cadance Collective’s premier work, "Aeriform", the group uses a musical landscape morphed out of themes from J.S. Bach's Cello Suite No. 1, The Swan and The Aviary from Camille Saint-Saens' Carnival of the Animals. These musical motifs inform birdlike movement as wings learn to unfold with open eyes to the possibility of flight. Cellist Alicia Storin’s captivating interpretation of The Swan transforms itself into a pas de deux with familiar melodies from the Prelude of J.S. Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1. Christal Wagner’s choreography utilizes Emma Koi’s ability to transform from dancer to flutist seamlessly in a spirited journey to flight.

Emma Koi, flute, dance
Alicia Storin, cello
Christal Wagner, dance